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John 8:58 Greek Text
It takes many hours of preparation for an article like this one just to confirm and to examine many reference works, including Hebrew and Greek. etc. So please kindly read carefully and read later as this is not armchair reading! Thank you! God bless!
There is a great deal of amateur Hebrew and  Greek students and those who claim to know these languages which take many years to master ; but their exposition shows otherwise as they deny Jesus is the great I AM of the Old Testament. They have attacked our brother Simon Brown's (Discoverer of the Great Stone of Jesus' tomb) excellent articles on his website showing Jesus being Very God! They even used the tremendous and stellar Greek scholar Dr.A.T. Robertson whose works I have. This includes his classic massive book on Greek grammar. 

So let's see if Dr. Robertson agrees with their denial of Ego Eimi as Jesus claiming to be the I am of the OT and Simon's article :   "I am (ego eimi ).  Undoubtedly here Jesus claims eternal existence with the absolute phrase [Ego Eimi] used of God. The contrast between genesthai (entrance into the existence of Abraham ) and and eimi (timeless being) is complete. See the same contrast between en in Jn. 1:1 and egeneto in Jn.1:14 . See the contrast also in Psalms 90:2 between God (ei and art) and the mountains (genethenal)."  Simon correct his critics wrong!

The inspired Apostle Paul would disagree with these people as he says :" In Him [Jesus] dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily." Colossians 2:9     Dwells means permanently and completely at home. All is pan or totally. The word fullness means total or nothing lacking or absolute.  Godhead refers to Deity or God.

The perfectionist master Greek scholar Dr. Richard Trench  says of Godhead ,"Paul is declaring that in the Son there dwells all of the fullness of the absolute Godhead; they were no mere rays of divine glory which gilded Him ,lighting up His Person for a season and with splendor not His own ; but He was ,and is, absolute  and perfect God; and the apostle [Paul] uses theotes [Godhead] to express this essential and personal Godhead of the Son."

I translate literally :   "Within the Son  permanently  inhabits all of God in bodily form. "  Col. 2:9    Jesus affirmed to the Jews that 'He and His Father are One.' The Greek word en -or one thing or same thing - does not mean in union with,but means one as to complete equality! The Jews said of this statement :"For a good work we do not stone you, but for blasphemy because you being a man make yourself God." They knew Jesus was claiming to be coequal to God! Jn.10:33

NOTE:  Now to our chapter and verse. This is John 8 in our link above top of the page in the New Testament Greek.  Our verse is 58.

It says literally from Greek :  Jesus said to them: amen amen, I am saying to you, Before Abraham was born  I AM.   Jesus was saying and it is captured in Greek that before Abraham came into being on this earth He or Jesus was in permanently in a state of eternally existing! He is uncreated. He was and is God or Theos.  That is He never came into being as Abraham a mere human being did ; but had always existed! 
The last two Greek words in our verse 58 are literally Ego or I and Eimi or  I  AM i.e. the Diety or Elohim God.  The Apostle Thomas said in Greek when he saw Jesus :"...The Lord of me and the God [Theos] of me..." Jn.20:28 a

Jesus was telling them with emphasis by saying amen or assuredly twice He was the same I AM that Moses spoke to in the burning bush!  Exodus 3:14  In  the Greek version of the Old Testament it is Ego Eimi or I AM.  'I AM the [self] existing One.'  Or I AM the One becoming [a man].'  That is Jesus in His incarnation as a man.   See Acts 7:32 ; 9:5; John 1:1;1:14; .10: 5-7.  Same Greek words as those last two words in our above Greek text or I AM!

The prophet Micah 5:2 wrote:  "But you ,Bethlehem Ephrathah [pasture-fruitful Heb.  the Son would be the Good Shepherd Who will be fruitful] ,Though you are small [a village] among all of the thousands of Judah, Yet out of you shall come forth to Me [the Father] The One [the Son] who will be  Ruler in Israel, Whose goings forth are from ancient times, yea from everlasting [I Am]."Heb. translation  

Many Jewish Rabbi's who, of course, knew Hebrew thought the Messiah as given in our verse would be Himself everlasting or eternal!   Isaiah called Messiah the Mighty God and that the Messiah  was Everlasting Father . Isa.9:6  Isaiah was a contemporary of Micah in 800 BC. Both agree Messiah or Christ Jesus was always the eternal I AM!

There are several places* when the same two Greek words EGO EMI (timeless being) or I AM are found all referring to Jesus. These references are from the inspired Apostle John:

John 6:35;48
8:12**; 8; 23 , 24 ("He" is not in the Greek it is just Ego Eimi  or I AM ); 58
10:9 ;11;36
13:19 ("He" is not in the Greek just Ego Eimi or I AM)

Remember John focuses on Jesus as being God or Theos. Jn.1:1  hence the abundance of EGO EIMI's or I AM'S.

Note: In Mark 14:62-64 EGO EIMI Gk. or I AM is used for Jesus too.**

Zechariah affirms 'Jehovah sends Jehovah' or Jesus in his preincarnate state as both are God! Zech. 2: 8:11 Read carefully.

Cf Mark 12:35-37 ;Matt.22:41-46;Luke 20:45-47 with Gen.1:26 (note Let "US "or the Trinity-God in Gen.1:1 God is literally El- ohim three Strong Ones pl. in Heb. three or more );3:22 "US";11:7 Let "US." US always acts as One though. Note the wordage.