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The Word Of Christ Church

Ocean on Mars will earth have the same end?

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To counter what Scientists say as to earth's future and the universe itself see: ll Peter 3:1-18 ; Revelation 21-22 : Isaiah 65:17-25 which mentions the brand new (Gk kainos) universe; but also fused in is the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth too when the earth will be like Eden again before the Fall of man.
Also,Isaiah 66:22-23 shows the new heaven and earth mentioned for the future after the millennium or 1,000 years rule of Christ and His saints on earth; but still gives the view of a redeemed earth 1,,000 year rule 10-13with a promise the eternal age will be permanent.  
The 1,000 years will depict and be the forerunner of  the then yet future eternal state Peter mentions called  the Day of God. ll Peter 3:10-13 There will in total Eight Ages.