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Russia or Turkey?

I wrote and article as well as gave a message on the Russian inspired invasion of Israel in the 'latter times' mentioned as a prediction by Ezekiel which is now or the latter times.  Ezekiel 38-39.  


These writers miss a Hebrew word that is in our English Bible. First, all are agreed this lead invader is from the "north" as all English translations show us. But, what country is this northern country?

"And thou [army leader] shalt come from thy place out of the north parts..."  Ez. 38 :15 a     Now in Hebrew" place" is 'where one stood' or dwelt. This was ones country or place of living. Next, it says in our English Bible "north parts."  Now, look at our map. Turkey is due north of Israel. But, so is Russia as can be seen from our straight line.*
Now, the most important Hebrew word here determines which northern country is Ezekiel writing about here. It is the word yeraykaw which means in our verse 15 a  : extreme; farthest out; far reaches; ultimate distance ; uttermost; most remote; extremity; outermost; utmost; ultimate, etc. 
So now we translate:" And you will come from your country out of the most extreme area of the north..."  This means north as it relates to Israel, of course. See our map.  ONLY Russia fits this Hebrew wordage as it is the most distant due north of Israel-not Turkey!

KJV or English Bible theology and facts must not be the ultimate source for study and ascertaining Biblical data. * See where it says: " You [Russia] will fall upon the mountains of Israel, you and all your troops and the people with you..." Note mention of using horses in mountainous areas.

Everyone that has studied horses in warfare knows that Russia is very well known for it's use of horses. Even today some Russian  soldiers train on horses.  See article.* When the Nazi's attacked Russia Cossacks came down on them in deep snow riding horses. The Germans were powerless against them as the horses were well suited for battle in the snow and frigid weather.  Russia has always known horses are insensible even in rough mountainous terrain, and snow, for example.

Another reason for Russia as being the leader of the end time invasion of Israel is as Ezekiel states:" I will  turn you around ,put hooks into your jaws, and lead out, with all your army , horses, and horsemen..." Ez.38:4: a cf.15.

By Dr.Howard Davis