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The Beast and Creation of Synthetic Life Forms

The Beast
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One does wonder if one of the reasons besides his nature the antichrist is called the "Beast" in Revelation 13 or therion in Greek meaning a venomous, very dangerous, rapacious animal or beast is that perhaps during his formative period he had under gone a series of advanced animal -human cellular treatments from a facility such as the one in China!* Animal cells may be involved giving him a powerful mind and constitution, etc.
And other verses the first prototype of the coming antichrist would be the serpent that approached Eve in the Garden of Eden. So the word therion is used in Greek in Rev.13 to hark back to the serpent! John tells us that serpent used in Gen.3 was a figure of speech for Satan or the Devil who was acting as a slithering venomous serpent. Rev.20:2 ***
Later, the first human to represent an antichrist to the world was Nimrod. His name means leopard or beast! Gen.11 The four grand world powers as given in Daniel were symbolized as being labeled beasts. Daniel 7:1 -28 The antichrist cast into the lake of fire is called a beast. V11 The" of the beasts..." are ten nations that 'give their power to the beast' or antichrist during the seven year tribulation period. V.12 See Rev.17: 12-14 We can see why John calls antichrist the Beast! Actually, the four world powers Daniel saw Dan. 7 was the summation or composite of which the Beast pictures. Rev.13:2
Hitler who had the 'spirit of antichrist' a forerunner** of the Beast or antichrist received injections from Dr. Morrill his personal physician of extracts from bulls to increase his strength and boldness! ** Cf l John 2:18; 22; 4:1-3; ll John 1:7
Dr.Howard Davis

Creation of Synthetic Life Forms
Below are two news articles about the creation of synthetic life forms. This topic ties in with the theory that the antichrist will be genetically manipulated as evidenced by Gen 3:15 and Rev 13.

The first article is about the creation of a synthetic Human Genome:

The second article is about a man named Craig Venter who created the first synthetic organism.

Craig Venter created the worlds first synthetic organism. He created a cell with a minimum amount of chromosomes so that scientists can add DNA to create their own, specialized organisms. The possibilities from here are endless! Scientists now have the potential to create organisms with unnatural traits such as the production of vaccines or the breakdown of dangerous pollutants. The lab I work for is interested in circadian clocks of cyanobacteria. These are proteins that allow an organism to keep track of the Day and Night cycle, and tune their behavior to this rhythm ( for example, to sleep at night). A Post-Doctoral student who recently graduated from our lab is now seeking to work with Craig Venter in order to insert our circadian clocks into his new template organism. If this becomes a reality,  the synthetic creature will be able to keep track of time according to the Sun! While it may not seem obvious at first, these scientific advancements have huge implications for Christianity. The Scriptures have made many predictions about End Times that seemed impossible at the time they were written and have caused much criticism. For example, the beast-like nature of the Antichrist, as well as the living statue in Rev. 13, are unexplainable without genetic manipulation. Through these scientific discoveries we are watching prophecy unfold in front of our eyes, providing more and more evidence that the God of the Bible is the true Living God.
Jonathan Torrez, Pre-Med Student and Undergraduate Researcher of Biochemistry at the University of California, Merced 

First baby born with DNA from 3 parents

The first genetically engineered human was born in April. This baby has DNA from father, mother, and mitochondrial DNA from a third parent (second mother). This technique is currently illegal in the US. If baby is healthy, researchers believe the US will hop on board. Also, interesting to note all mitochondrial genetic engineering will only be done on males so as to not transmit mutations. Mitochondria is the power house of the cell; Imagine a man with increased mitochondria of higher efficiency, that man would be 'beast-like' in strength. Mitochondria is also important for mental clarity and

processes... etc. The antichrist may have mitochondrial mutations among others.

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Jonathan Torrez, Pre-Med Student and Undergraduate Researcher of Biochemistry at the University of California, Merced