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Angel of the Lord

In the Old Testament we read about the "Angel of the Lord or Yahweh; the "Angel of the Covenant" and the "Angel of his Presence."

This was Christ in His preincarnate form. Angel is malakh in Hebrew and means Word or Messenger. The Jews referred to the Memra or God. Memra means the Word. It’s synonym in Greek is Logos or Word that John says was Christ. Jn.1:1 "In the beginning was the Logos-Word-Memra..."

We know clearly Christ was NOT a 'created' angel or being from Hebrews 1 :1-14 ;2:1-18.

John 1:1 says of this Angel or Word of Yahweh : "In the beginning [Gen.1:1] was* always existing [Gk.] the Word, and the Word was always existing and facing God [as an equal Gk.] and the Word was always existing[Gk.] as God Himself."

We expand translate:" In the origin of the universe the Word Who always existed and was always facing in concert with God as an equal;this One eternally existed as God [the Son]."

In the OT  "The Lord" ;"God" and "the Angel of the Lord" , and "Angel of the Covenant" are used interchangeably.

The first instance we find this Being or Christ before his incarnation as Jesus (Jn.1:14 ) is in Genesis 16:1-13 .cf 7;9;10;11. "Angel of the Lord"

Note: Hagar flees from the abuse of Sarai v.6 and later stops in the desert with great thirst by a fountain or 'sparkling spring of water.'

This was a 'message' to her that salvation was to come in the form of this Word or Messenger of Yahweh.

It was Jesus that told the woman at the well or spring that 'whoever believed in Him'
“. .. a spring of water would be welling up into life eternal." Gk. Jn.4:14 *

Hagar was in a desert on her own pregnant. God aides those in distress and alone and provides regardless of place or condition.

The well or spring is now called the, ‘well of a living One [God] my Seer;'  'the well of Him that lives and sees me'; 'of the living One of the vision of God Who appeared there. 'This shows Hagar clearly knew this Angel of the Word 'of the Lord was very God !

In verse 13 Hagar "Called the Name of Yahweh who spoke to her."

The Angel of the Lord in the OT was Yahweh or God the Son before His appearence as man on earth.
“You are a God who sees; for she said, “Have I even remained alive here after seeing Him [Elroi Heb.seeing God]?" God 'views' Hagar Gen.16:7-13 then Hagar 'sees' God. Gen. 16:13-16

It was thought in those days by some if one saw God that you would die. Moses thought the same thing as Hagar when he spoke to the Angel or Word of the Lord, '...inside the middle of the burning bramble bush."  Exodus 3:6 b

The Hagar narrative shows that the Angel of the Lord is Yahweh or God.

*Note: One is saved only once as Jesus said: “Whoever might drink [accept 'once' only aorist gk.] of the water [Salvation-Spirit] that I will give him no will never [double negative Gk.] thirst into the ages."

Translation expanded: "Whoever might drink and accept only once of the water or Spirit that I will give him,no he will never thrist even into eternity.

* Imperfect -'always existing' of the Gk. word nv from eiui or 'timeless existence' -Christ the Word the Angel or 'Messenger of Yahewh'- or Jesus was not created. He always "was" nv -eiui Gk.

By Dr. Howard Davis

After Abraham and his warrior servants won a war we suddenly read: "Then Melchizedek king of Salem [Jerusalem] brought out bread and wine; he was the priest of God Most High. And he blessed him [Abraham] And said:" Blessed be Abram of God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth. And blessed be God Most High,
Who has delivered your enemies into your hand."
And he [Abram] gave him a tenth of everything. Genesis 14: 18- 20 (picture to the right)

Then we connect Hebrews 7: 1-28. We will focus on the fact that Melchizedek was an historical person and he was a type - as it teaches here -of the coming Messiah Jesus Christ.

This mysterious king's name meant "king of righteousness “and "king of peace."v. 2 Jesus is called "king of kings." Rev.19: 16    And the Lord is called "Prince of peace. “Isaiah 9:6 The magistrate or Prince who gives peace. 

So like this king's two-part name typifies Jesus is righteous and perfect unlike all others who have ever lived; and He gives those that believe a righteous spirit, and grants to them perfect peace that "passes all understanding." No earthly king can be or do this.

Since there is no background on this king Melchizedek as "he is without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but made like the Son of God..." This verse proves this king was not Jesus in a preincarnate form in our Genesis 14 account as some have said, but it says "made like" the Son of God.v. 3

Why was this king 'like' Jesus? Because Jesus did 'not have an earthy father or mother ' in a literal sense as He was generated by and through the Holy Spirit. Luke 1:26-35 God was His Father. There are some like the Jehovah Witnesses and Unitarians as well as other cults that teach Jesus before He came to earth was created by the Father. This king was 'like ‘the Son of God also because in type Melchizedek had "no beginning of days."

John 1:1 says in Greek the Word or Jesus ,"In the origin was the Word..."The Greek word for was is ev which comes from eimi which is imperfect and has no idea whatsoever of a beginning as to the Word's origin but implies emphatically as master Greek scholar Dr. A.T. Robertson asserts "continuous existence ."The word "was" or ev  Gk. is used three times in John 1:1 : "In the beginning [start of the universe Gen.1:1] was ev [continually existing- no creation or beginning] the Word [ Jesus the Son] and the Word was [ continually existing] with [ pros  face the accusative case in Greek or "a plane of equality and intimacy “directly facing as a coequal] and the Word was [continually existing] God."

So we translate : 'In the beginning of the universe was always continually existing the Word -the Son - and the Word was continually existing as coequal and intimate with God, and the Word* was continually existing as God.'
Now when it says in verse 14 "And the Word became flesh..." the word "became" is egeneto in Greek which means the beginning or origin of the Word or Logos God the Son becoming flesh. This refers to His flesh birth as a human being. And as John continues "...and He dwelt among us." The word "dwelt" is tabernacle in Greek.

Jesus was the Tabernacle or later the Temple which in symbol pictured God as well as Christ. Heb.9:11
Other scriptures that show the Word or Christ is uncreated: ll Corinthians 8:9; Philippians 2:6; Colossians 1:16-17; Heb.1:2; Gal.4:4; l Jn.1:2;Rom.8:3;l Jn.1:2;Jn.3:13;31;5:36-38;6:33;46;62;33;38;62;8:23;16:28:8;58-59. Even though the evidence of His preexistence before He came to earth some still do not accept these clear verses.

*Jesus is called the Word: Rev.19:13; Jn.1:14; l Jn.1:1
"Then God said, “Let there be light." Gen.1:3 “said" or Word is Jesus. He said by His Word let there be light' so He is the personification of God's very inner mind, thoughts and creativity. He is God the son which is god.Jn.5:16-18 By saying God was His unique own Father or that He was the Son of God it says "...they tried all the more to kill Him; not only was He breaking the Sabbath, but he was calling God His own Father, making Himself equal with God. “Remember inspired Apostle John was saying this that "He was making himself God."


Jesus walks on water

In three of the Accounts Jesus showing His Deity actually walked on the "sea" or on water. Liberal theologians and skeptics find this impossible and even some postulating Jesus was walking on a submerged dense sandbar.

First, we rule out a sandbar as they were in the "middle of the sea" and at one point they had rowed about " three or four miles" out and later ended up in the "middle" of the sea of Galilee.  Matthew says the boat was a "long" way from the shore where Jesus was. Long is Pollus in Greek which means here several miles from the shoreline.
The depth of the lake has been estimated between 140-200 ft. with an approximate volume of water at one hundred billion cubic feet.

Walking on sea scriptures:
 Matthew 14:24-33 “walking on the sea"; Mark 6:47-52 “walking on the sea”; John 6:16-21 "walking on the sea"

Walking "on" in Greek is epi a preposition that means here on top or on the surface; so here of the sea (thalassa) or water. So this rules out a sandbar or even an elevated rock formation which has been suggested. Even Peter briefly "walked on the water. "On" is epi or on the water’s surface.
We can carry away a few lessons here. He told them He would meet them later. Yet awhile later because of the storm they doubted and were in great distress. Yet He suddenly comes near them walking on the raging waters with howling winds in darkness, but they thought He was a phantom Gk. or spirit. He seemed to be walking 'by' them too.
We can't be too critical of them because how many times have we read He will meet us in the storms of life or trouble and that He is with us? He even seems to be at times as though He has 'passed'us by in our distresses.
All is dark and to us dangerous as to our need being met.
But He answers our prayers and inquiries as He did with Peter. Then we need to step out on the tumultuous waters or trial and test and see if He will help us. Peter only walked a few steps on the ware but he took his eye of faith off Jesus and by 'looking at the fury of the waters and feeling and seeing the effects of the raging winds' began to sink. But a terse prayer of "Lord save me" and the "Lord reached out and took hold of him" and they both walked on the water back to the tossing boat. We may be emotional or stressed during a crisis or ongoing trials, but know He approaching as He knows our situation. Heb. 4:14-16
It was very dark as it was the fourth watch of the night. This watch started at 3AM and are at three hour intervals. The first watch began at 6 PM and ended at 9 PM. This was the worst time for a violent storm. So it is at times with tribulations.
The small boat was miles from shore along with massive waves (waves have been recorded on this lake as high as ten feet) and hurricane type winds yet miraculously Jesus was watching them as though He was next to them from the shore. How much more can He no longer in the flesh see our trials? God is light and in Christ all is known.

So our message is to keep our eyes on Christ only -not the test or trial or externals -He will then reach out and save us the way or manner and time He chooses. In this case Peter needed immediate help and got it. Do not wonder: how, when, who, what or where as that is doubt. Ask in faith is our task - His is to guide us and we will receive in due time.  He does not see days, months or years - He knows only the end result or answer. It may seem the darkest as it was for the disciples as the boat had to be just about full of water (Peter wasn't the only one 'sinking') yet that water was instantly removed when Jesus got on board. And that fierce storm ceased immediately. He will do a thorough work with extra blessings. 

See what lessons you find here : Mark 4 : 35-41; Matthew 8:23-27; Luke 8:22-25

Video - "Jesus Feeds Five Thousand And Walking On Water" 

Even animals and several insects can walk or reside on the surface of water. So how much more the Son of God Who created water?

Read this article about animals that walk on water - "Amazing Animals That Walk on Water"

Dr. Howard Davis

Ten Nations
These pictures here are of the EU HQ and the Flag of Europe which was based partly on Rev.12:1 b which they believe this "woman" is Mary. It is really the nation of Israel. Many Catholic/Roman undertones in the EU. They also believe those 12 stars are a symbol of unity,solidarity,and harmony.

Recently, as we all know the UK voted to leave the European Union. A great deal of speculation has arisen among Bible prophecy teachers about this startling move.

Much is related in the book of Daniel and the Revelation on Ten Nations that will align themselves in the last days in Europe before Christ comes back to earth. We will focus on these Ten Nations.
  • "Ten Nations" EU HQ
    "Ten Nations" EU HQ
  • "Ten Nations" Flag of Europe
    "Ten Nations" Flag of Europe
"Ten Nations" EU HQ
"Ten Nations" EU HQ
The Apostle John in his book the Revelation watches in a vision as,  "...a beast [revived Roman Empire] rises out of the sea [symbol of mankind] having seven heads [seven mountains i.e. headquarters will be in 'Rome the city of seven mountains' Rev,17:9] and ten horns [nations symbol of authority and power]and on his horns ten crowns ..."  Rev.13:1 Please read this chapter.

John describes the one world (17:1;15) religion as well as it's political side in chapters 17-18. Even though the invigorated new Roman Empire is depicted as a beast so is it's formidable leader Antichrist who appears to be subservient to the world church (v.17:7:b) to gain more status and popularity. Rev.13 (there are really "two beasts' as the false prophet will be leader of the world religion).17: "Babylon"('confusion'-all false religion mingled together) is used as a symbol here as it was the first real world civil and religious power. See Dan.2

Then it says, "...and the ten horns [kings-nations] which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour [about 3.5 years]  as kings with the Antichrist.  These have one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast."

At some point in the last 3.5 years of the seven year tribulation period these world leaders with the influence of Antichrist and his cohort the false Prophet will "hate" this world religious organization that attracts attention and worship-which the Antichrist desires for himself ,and orders her temples,mosques,synagogues,and churches plundered and destroyed with fire.17:16;18:8

This mysterious Confederacy or union of kings or leaders is mentioned in the book of Daniel also.
Daniel saw in a vision, a :"...fourth beast [a revived Roman Empire which in Revelation is described as a horn] "...It was different from all the beasts [other world powers] that were before it [Media-Persian 2.;  Greece 3. and then Rome 4.],and it [Rome in the latter days] had ten horns [nations].
I was considering the horns ,and there was another horn,[Antichrist - like the real Christ 'little' or of humble origins, coming among them [ the ten kings-10 nations],before whom three of the first horns were plucked out by the roots.
And there in this horn, were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words...I watched until the beast [includes the false Prophet]-pictured as 'one' beast] was slain, and its body destroyed [eternally],and given to the burning flame."[lake of fire]. Rev.19;20; 20:10; ll Thess.2:8

Links to reference-  

In annual address to diplomats, Pope Francis calls for renewed 'idea of Europe'

In his message the Pope is in reality calling for a one or single unified Europe and eventually a world government which the Bible has predicted for the "last days."

As we have said several times there will be three countries in Europe that will give up sovereignty in order to promulgate the young astute genius and overtly dynamic Antichrist who will arise, possibly, from obscurity (Dan.7:8 he or Antichrist is called a "little" horn i.e. of 'little' significance at this time or leader-he imitates Jesus humble past then rise to Israel) in Europe and then seven * other countries decide -after vetting him -to align with the three countries and form a powerful ten country alliance. This will fail -as any alliance not considering the Lord and His Son and Psalm 2 predicts this alliance and it's fall - by the end of the seven-year tribulation period.

Rev.13:1 The "Beast" is the Antichrist and the "ten horns" are the ten leaders of the ten nation confederacy. The "seven heads" are the seven mountains or Rome as using it as the seat of power for a time. Read carefully: Rev.17:1-18; Daniel 2:31-35,40-45; 7:7-8,19-24.

To show that this kind of alliance* is feasible or possible there is today the Group of Seven (G7). This is a bloc of seven nations -the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the UK and meets each year to 'discuss global economic governance, international security and energy policy.' CFR