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Hidden Revelation of the Trinity

Pope meets Russian Orthodox leader 1,000 years after Christianity split

Trinity and Aramaic

500 years after reformation, Pope knocks on Lutherans' door


Hidden Revelation of the Trinity

Luke 15

The Parable of the lost sheep  'The Son'
1-7 Jesus found lost sheep (Luke 19:10)

The Parable of the lost coin  'The Holy Spirit'
8-10 (lost silver coin)
8-Work of the Holy Spirit
8-Holy Spirit shows light; He 'sweeps' our bodies and spirits. The Holy Spirit searches until He finds the acceptance of Jesus. The Holy Spirit rejoices when He brings us to the Lord. (l Co. 2:10-16)

The Parable of the lost son   'The Father'
11-32 (lost son)
11-32- The Father is portrayed here.

Ring symbol of eternity on his hand a symbol of power is the 'seal' of the Holy Spirit. (Eph.1:13 'having been sealed' perfect tense Gk.or we are permanently sealed by the Spirit )

Robe is the robe of righteousness. (Rev.7:9;13)

Sandals are the gospel of peace. (Eph.6:15-16)

This is an example of Jews(now gentiles too) becoming Christian.

The brother that did not have love. Example of the Lord's people the Jews reaction and noting us being 'grafted' into the tree of faith and life.( Rom.11)

Note: 50% lost 50% come back!

Son, Spirit, and Father in this parable.

Lose, seek, found, rejoice !!!

By Dr. Howard Davis & Peter Ulikhanov


Pope meets Russian Orthodox leader 1,000 years after Christianity split

As we have posted the last days one world religion as seen in some portions in symbolic language in Revelation 17 and 18 is forming before our very eyes! This is incredible and seemingly impossible that after a schism of 1,000 years the rift has healed in preparation for a universal religion.

This shows us John was inspired by Jesus Christ to write Revelation and those professors who have taught the Revelation was just allegory were wrong.

This massive and still developing organization will help give the antichrist and especially the false prophet the religious base they need to control the world.

The Headquarters will be Rome. See 17:18 and the 'city that rules the world ' 2,000 years ago when John wrote the Revelation was Rome and it's going to be a revived Roman Empire with an Emperor like no other! 

Article to reference- "Pope meets Orthodox leader 1,000 years after Christianity split"

Trinity and Aramaic
This author translated the Aramaic the language of Jesus into English. The presentation though verse here is a good one. It shows thought and research.
I am studying Aramaic again which I have always done but reviewing, for example, this authors work too and going over sections of Scripture.

The Diety of Christ and the Trinity is under attack -which is a very grave sin and will be judged by Christ Himself- as it has always been, but with the advent of the internet many rank amateurs and unskilled and untrained in the Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic, etc., are able to use everything from circular reasoning ,sophistry and 'straw men' arguments (like Jehovah Witnesses' books which say we worship a 'freakish three headed god' so they proceed after setting up a false or 'straw man' proposition to tear  down this false phantom  concept) illustration  from English and then plug  in Hebrew and Greek words from lexicons to make it appear they know these language when, in fact, it takes serious, concentrated, long term research and training. It is arduous so they take the easy way out and pop this and that in along with their parrot- like comments from other heretical  sites.  
They borrow heavily from old cult teachings -both now and in the ancient past- from 'selected' websites. They can't comprehend *something so they attack it as they think the Bible teaches another view. 
Peter says in Greek about these self styled teachers they are : "...unestablished and unlearned who are ignorant and unstable take some things from scripture that are difficult to grasp  and understand and distort the scriptures to their own destruction and perdition." *

It was predicted 2,000 years ago in  these 'last times' that, "false teachers", "false prophets"," ministers," and "apostles" would come; but in profusion or in an unprecedented scale  which is an indirect reference to the "WWW"- World Wide Web. Paul under inspiration told Timothy that "many would follow" these false teachers and  prophets. Paul wrote these followers or 'seekers' would" accumulate or "pile up"(Gk.) false teachers. It is because they desire to hear or have "itching ears" or wanting novel teachings which in reality are old heresies microwaved and warmed over and so called 'common sense' teachings: like 'how could God be Three in One?' Simple. He is only one God no Trinity-it's false. See isn't this common sense these false teachers say.

Here is my illustration of the Trinity as I have not seen it used but it may be :
It says After saying, Let US, "God made man in His image and likeness." Gen.1:26-7; 5:1

Then Paul under inspiration writes :"May your complete spirit [pneuma] and soul [psyche] and body [soma]  be preserved..."
Paul says in Hebrews the word "divides both soul and spirit."

So we have Man:

Spirit is Man 

Soul is Man
Body is Man

So three in one! One Body or Man but three components or entities. Can they be divided? Yes. For example, if you die your body st  but the soul and spirit goes to heaven if you are saved.

Jesus said, "... immersing them in the NAME [Gk. singular-but three Names] of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...."  28:19
All three here are presented by the Son  as coequal and as 'One.' One Name but three Names used.

Who raised up Jesus?
All three in the Godhead?
"Destroy this temple [His body] and I WILL raise it up In three days." Jn.2:19-22
The Spirit raised Him up:

"...the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead..." Romans 8:11 a
cf. Heb.9:14 a

God the Father raised Him up  
"...God and father the resurrection of our Lord from the dead."l Peter 1:3

God it says raised him from the dead in other places.

All Three act as One.

Reference By Pastor Howard- "The Trinity in the Old Testament"

500 years after reformation, Pope knocks on Lutherans' door
As we have posted in the past there will be according to the Bible an amalgamations of religions in the last days. Revelation 17-18 Since this universal organization is a pseudo religion or organization  is called the Harlot of Babylon (Rev.17) as it has 'prostituted' Biblical teachings  for the sake of creating a unified  religion like  the beginning of false religion of Babylon which means confusion  as there will be so many contradictory doctrines  in this organization. The Tower of  Babel (confusion) was an attempt under Nimrod the first antichrist to unify mankind in a universal world government and religion, but it failed as God brought confusion- as they reaped that- and judgment. Gen.11 God will destroy this organization also in the last days. Rev.17:1;15-18 ; 18.        
As the article points out and as has been predicted for some 2,000 years since the Bible was written, and as it says at one time it would be "unthinkable" that the Pope would be invited to attend a Lutheran meeting of such import! See World Council of Churches  in Goggle. This worldwide organization will not just be composed of so called 'Christian' churches, but all faiths, and will have a powerful miracle working Leader. The Bible calls him the False Prophet.
They may simply call him the Prophet. Rev.13 is the God ward view not the observation of the world. His end in spite of his miraculous powers and worldwide domination will be in the lake of fire. Rev.19:20; cf.Rev.20:10

Reference article - 500 years after reformation, Pope knocks on Lutherans' door

Dr.Howard Davis