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Andreas Seed Oil

When I find an exceptional product that meets certain criteria that I feel will help the church members health  I will share it as with Andreas Wecker's (he is a born again believer) organic non GMO cold pressed  seed oils.

No matter what your symptoms and health concerns I recommend the "5 Oil" blend 7 oz.  to start as it has a full spectrum of micronutrients.

For thousands of years seeds were hand pressed until around 1923 when all commercial oils have been produced using the same type of mechanical presses that are designed for making large masses of oil quickly, but which damage and degrade the oil and it's nutrients. 

Andreas Wecker Founder and Inventor of the first company making oil available and a unique oil seed Press  that preserves and protects all of the nutrients from seeds whom I have spoken to won the Gold Medal at the Olympics in 1996. He used that same will, intelligence  and determination of winning a gold medal to develop the first line of true cold pressed oils.

Later, after winning the gold medal he became so ill the doctors said he was going to die. He went  down to 83 pounds with Crohn's an intestinal disease. He prayed for healing and like so many times God answered in a 'secondary' way(always be open to secondary avenues that the Lord shows you-ask if you are open  to 'use secondary means to heal me I accept it please show me the answer' or you will be healed directly as it's 'according to your faith is it done to you' ) in that Andreas was clearly directed to take unprocessed seed oil which was the farthest thing from his mind.
After taking the oil he began to feel better in a short period of time! Then his recovery was becoming more and more evident as time went on. After learning how seed oils were compromised by modern machinery he later prayed that the Lord would show him how to make a seed oil press that would protect seed oil when it's pressed.

One time early in the morning in a dream he saw the device and knew that was his answer! He woke up and wrote down what he clearly saw. After many attempts world wide to find an engineer he  finally found one in his home country of Germany (he now lives in OR) an engineer that could help him construct the device which after some 10 months was later patented.

After operating the press it worked and he has produced the world's first -in modern times- organic, non GMO,undamaged full nutrients with the life force  intact oils!

Please go to his site and read his story as well as what each oil does. I can say they work fast and you notice the energy from consuming the oil. I do encourage the use of the  5 Oil blend to start as given.

I take it AM/PM 1 teaspoon each time orally. Sometimes during the day. It can be placed into cereals, shakes , salads , etc.

OFFICIAL SITE: ANDREAS SEED OIL     Use ONLY this Official site !  Important as there are inferior products that he does not authorize. One supplier was diluting and over heating the oils as well  saying it was Andreas oil!  Just tell him I sent you!

Genesis 1:11-12 "seeds" created by God

Cell Mineral tip:  kali (potassium) sulph.6X works with ferrum (iron) phos.6X to supply oil to all flesh fibers which enable 'combustion' to take place and heat to be generated.

Every flesh fiber creates it's own warmth. Depending on which of these two minerals is lowest  it will create cold feelings or hot feverish feelings. "Hot flashes" is also a result of  these two mineral imbalances.

Kali mur.6X  creates flesh fibers so it works with the two minerals given. If this mineral is low flesh fibers degenerate ,hence, sensations of pain as well as other negative symptoms can be felt.

Oil does several things in your body like : retains heat-too little oil you get cold easily from an imbalance of minerals as given; or  you get overly warm; oil lubricates joints-intestines, lymph fluid, and bone marrow all must have enough kali sulph. for oil production; all flesh fibers must have oil or they become harsh and dry creating many negative symptoms; oil works as a solvent for congestive matter; oil in skin and hair to protect and retain moisture in them; oil preserves and purifies us.
Every living thing makes it's own oil.

Always get checked by your healthcare professional. Med tests are always a good thing.

By Dr. Howard Davis