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Ruach wind or Spirit?

Genesis 1:1, 2:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth; 2. but the earth became a waste and a desolation and there was no light on the surface of the raging waters and the Spirit [ Ruach ] of God was surveying it in anguish ["moved" KJV English means to tremble with emotion].


Ruach is translated here as "Spirit" or God's Spirit due to context and grammar. This word may be translated as: wind; breath; mind; spirit of man; life; etc.

There is one word that shows us Ruach or Spirit here is translated as God's Holy Spirit and that is "moved." Most have ignored this word in the determination as to what or who is Ruach here. Was it the 'wind' ( ruach) of God as it's found in one English  translation or what?


Amateurs, cultists, and arm chair language students have had a field day here; especially those who do not accept that the Spirit is a person in verse 2 or anywhere in the Bible, etc. 

Since in many English Bible translations it  says, God's Spirit "moved" on the face of the waters; so let's examine the word "moved." First, it says 'God created the universe and the earth.' 


Then in verse 2 it indicates at some point in infinity the earth became a 'waste and a desolation’ which we have covered in a previous posted article. It was covered with raging waters ("deep") and this massive destruction by water (ll Peter 3:4-6 see article) caused the Spirit (Ruach) of God to not only reconstruct the earth's plight (Gen.1:2-31; 2:3, nowhere does this 7 days 24 hour period of 'reconstruction' imply an original act of creation Gen. 1:1 as Dr.Scofield says; " Neither here or in verses 14-18 is an original creative act implied. A different word is used.  The sense is made to appear; made visible.  The sun and the moon were created in the beginning [Gen.1:1] but the vapor diffused the light. Later the sun appeared in an unclouded sky.") but "moved" (to be moved or affected Heb) shows us His emotions too!


The word Hebrew for "moved" is raw-khaf' and means here with the Hebrew piel stem of intensity: to shake; emote; brood; mourn; quiver; undulate; tremble (same word for 'shake' in Jer.23:9); sorrow, love; cherish and compassion, etc.    When the raging water mass was engaged in its destructive force the Ruach or Spirit saw -as He 'moved 'or surveyed it- by inspiration Moses wrote that the Spirit of God was intensely (piel stem) feeling great compassion for not only God's ruined creative work; but also for all of the which we now call 'prehistoric life' that was destroyed too. The Spirit mourned and grieved as a mother bird does over her chicks (Deut. 32:11 "fluttereth over" KJV raw-khaf’ Hebrew) all of which tells us He loved the creation called earth.


We now expand our translation:" In the beginning God created the universe as well as the earth; but this earth later became a waste and desolation due to raging waters and then the Spirit of God surveyed this destruction which caused Him due to his cherishing the earth great intense mourning and grief..."

Then He reconstructed this ruined state in 7 days of 24 hours each. Our implies in no uncertain terms the Sprit or Ruach of God is a Person who sees and experiences deep emotion. Future articles will deepen this proof.


"For God so much loved the universe [kosmos-'world'] He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him will have eternal life." John 3:16   

Christ died not only for mankind- His chief goal -to be saved; but also for His entire creation (kosmos Gk.  world) He cherished and loved too just as we saw in the Person of the Holy Spirit!  We could not have the "new [kainos 'brand new’] heavens and earth" unless Christ died for all of the creation!   As did the Spirit He loves and cherishes ALL of his creation, including His central focus the only creature 'created in His image and likeness.' or.    (Revelation 21:1-1; Isaiah 65 :17 ;66: 22; ll Peter 3 :13).


NOTE: Job under inspiration said that; "The [Spirit] Ruach of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life." Job 33:4 It says God made man! So the Spirit is co-equal in creation.   Then it says in John 1: 1- 3 “He [ logos the Word Jesus] was in the beginning with [pros] God.  All things through Him emerged, and without Him emerged not even one single thing that has emerged. " Gk.   So nothing emerged or came into existence except through Christ!  Man as well as the universe including the angels. This included the 'Spirit of Christ.'    l Peter 1:11; ll Peter 1:21 too!  Father, Son and Spirit all work as ONE.  ll Corinthians 13:14 'means here 'personal fellowship' Gk. with the Spirit. Who is a Person; cf. Matthew 28:19   Note one name (nomos Gk) singular, but Three Persons.


Ruach Heb or spirit is used of the spirits of departed humans: l Samuel 28; 8;13; Isaiah 14: 26:19       


Of angels as they are Ruach or spirits: Judges 9:23; l Sam.16:14-16:23; l Kings 22:21-24; ll Kings 19:7; Job 4:5   Psalms 104:4    cf. Hebrews 1:7. See also the Son is called God by God! v.8   Note v.6 b the angels "worship" the Son!  cf. where Jesus Himself verifies this truth that He or the Son is called Lord and God:

Mark 12:35-37; Matt.22:41-46; Lk.20:41-44!


 The Greek word pneuma is spirit, (the synonym of Heb Ruach) breath, wind, air,etc. Context and grammar like with Heb. Ruach determines it's meaning.

By Dr. Howard Davis