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Socialism does not work!

We have had discussions about the coming cashless society and it's becoming a reality. Biblical scholars have taught for many years the world was moving towards a society where hard cash would be replaced with a mark on the hand or forehead based on Revelation 13:16-18. The Bible has a 100% record of being accurate even when it appears to be in error-that is at the time! For over 2,000 years and thousands of years before Revelation 13 says mankind used some form of hard money. So the prediction for a cashless society to become a reality did not seem plausible at all but it is swiftly in these last days moving fast!

This article ties into a cash-free society as in Revelation 13.

In Sweden, a Cash-Free Future Nears


I spoke to a native of Denmark some years ago. I was told the taxes taken from checks was at least 75%. Also one had to wait months for a doctor, but it was paid for by the government. I was informed Doctors showed little interest in patients, as they got a modest set salary from the government. You can get glasses at no cost as long as you wait up to a year to get them. An appointment for an eye examination can take up to several weeks or months. In the Old Testament it was a free enterprise economy it was not socialistic.

Keep in mind, in our free enterprise economy we buy millions of Volvo's, but in Sweden their tax rates are so high many can’t afford them. According to research America (the free market economy) is the chief buyer of socialistic countries goods. If we went socialist we would not have the income to buy their goods and it would cause severe financial downturns for many countries.

Socialism and communism are not successful, as unvarnished history shows.

Because our economy is free enterprise along with defects in this fallen imperfect world. Yet we have given more hundreds of billions to the world in aide in some form than any county in the history of the world.

Once again the Bible is correct, even in advocating an economic system.

By Dr. Howard Davis

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