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Article 2013
Dr. Howard Davis

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Water on Mars 
Evidence that Mars can support life
Outlining the five crosses
The Five Crosses
The creation of women

Water on Mars

Articles to reference-

NASA finally thinks it knows where all of Mars’ water went

"Puzzling Streaks On Mars May Be From Flowing Water"

Boiling water on Mars may create channels on the red planet

On Jupiter's Moon Europa, Tantalizing Signs of Giant Water Plumes

Overflowing crater lakes carved canyons across Mars

We have discussed this subject of water on Mars in its past due to the universal cosmic flood Peter writes about in l Peter 3:5-6.

I believe-and I am only postulating here- it is possible since God gave man the ability to 'live forever' that Mars may have been the first planet slated to be populated with life as its surface- as some scientists speculate -may have been like earths at one time, of course, before the water mass Peter writes of 'overflowed it and destroyed' this wonderful planet.


It is speculated that once this planet was 'filled' with deathless life two humans male and female would go there to start human life as God would create life as He did on this planet.

We do have examples of two human beings that were 'taken up' into heaven without dying that is Enoch and Elijah. So would Adam and Eve (or some other pair) once this planet was 'filled' be taken up to, say, Mars, which was probably like earth before the fall?

It is strange, but it is embedded in man's mind a desire to travel to Mars, and other planets, and as some scientists want to do, set up a base camp (like on Mars) then colonize and explore the planet and delve into its resources, etc.

Let's remember this is what happened to this planet!  God placed man and told him to procreate and 'multiply and full up the earth.' Without death all of nature would fully full this earth. It is said, as an example, that if every mackerel lived one could cross the water walking on them so many and dense would be their numbers-not to mention all other life forms God created!

If every boa lived...let's not even think about that one!

Dr. Howard Davis

Evidence That Mars Can Support Life

This article deals with evidence that ancient mars could support life. It’s always amazing and reassuring  when scientific discoveries prove that the Bible was right from the start. 

Here’s the link:


 and a note from Dr. Howard:


This article reconfirms my stance there was a universal flood that included our earth just as the inspired Apostle Peter said in ll Peter 3:1-7, which I translate from Greek" "...all things have continued as they did from the origin of the Creation[Gen.1:1] For they willfully forget :that it was from the Word of God the heavens came into existence [Gen.1:1],and the earth was held compactly together [ice pack -sun was extinguished by all the water] as it went through the water and up out of the water.[Gen.1:2] by means of this water that the entire universe that then existed [Gen.1:1] was destroyed being flooded with water[Gen.1:2] The word "deep" in Genesis 1:2 means a dark-the sun was extinguished by this water-massive amount of churning water violently and tumultuously filling the universe' that then was' in Genesis 1.1, marring all of the planets,etc .All of the planets show signs of this water oriented castrophe Mars as we see in our Yahoo news account shows evidence of this cosmic universal flood.of churning water on its surface at this time. These verses have been confused with the flood of Noah's time in Genesis 7-6:1-9:29. But a careful reading of Peter's inspired writings we see this can't be the same flood!  If Peter was referring to the flood of Noah he would have mentioned humankind, but he only mentions the' cosmos being overflowed with water and perishing.' He already mentions Noah's flood in his first letter: l Peter 3:18-22, and he was clearly focused on human beings not the earth and its ruination only as he did in his second letter. Why bring this flood up again in a second letter when he already discussed it in his first letter? There were two floods- one universal which included the earth where prehistoric life perished and one on the earth only during Noah's day

Outlining The Five Crosses

This outline pertains to the 5 crosses. It is a more condensed version of what we read before.


Here's the outline:

This is another perspective or outline to help see the events unfold relative to the 'five crosses' concept.
1.) Jesus begins carrying His cross or stake. John 19:17
2.) They 'lay hold ' of Simon (he was walking across a 'field ‘Greek not 'country' as we have in the English Bible) and they forced him to to pick up and then carry (Greek) Jesus’ cross.
Luke 23:26; Matt 27: 32; Mark 15:21. So John is the only one who notes Jesus was at one point carrying His cross. We must note that to get this fact we have to start in John.
3.) Then Luke says 'two different (hetroi -we get our word hetro or different from this word-they were of a different kind or class of criminals from the 'other' two robbers or pirates (lestes-mentioned in Matt.27:38; Mark. 15:27) or Luke's two revolutionaries. These two Accounts do not mention any criminals with Jesus until later; but Luke does! The Accounts are supplemental-one can give what the other/s do not,hence,we can have a misunderstanding of the facts, if we do not carefully examine these inspired Gospels. It says to "study. “Keep these two men's Accounts together.
4.) When all five men get to the Hill then first- in order as the Romans were accustomed to do -they crucify Jesus and the two revolutionaries-not pirates- first.   Luke 23:32;3
5.) Then after we go to Matt.and Mk. to see it was after these two revolutionaries were hung with Jesus in Luke that after they gave Jesus wine; gave out his outer garments ;the people sit and watch; then the four soldiers were casting lots or stones; the inscription was placed over Jesus.   "Then" (toti Gk.adverb of time then at this time-Matt.27:38 a) were the two robbers crucified Matthew 27:38; Mark 15:27 Then is the key word in our chronological study.
6.) John does not show us these four evil men until he simply sums up in John 19:18 "...where Him they crucified and others -two [men on this side and two [men] on that side with Jesus in the middle.''Greek See John's Revelation where the same Greek phrase one each side is used Rev.22:2 The tree of life was on each side of the river which was in the middle.
Where does it say there were four guards- so one guard for each person to be crucified, thus making a total of four criminals? John 19:23
There was a chief guard who was responsible for Jesus. Mark 15:39
This makes five guards-one a chief- for five prisoners that day.
Note: John passes over the great earthquake, etc., and stays focused on his theme Jesus as the Son of God. This is why they are called the synoptic or supplemental Gospels, and how we find five crosses!

The Five Crosses

Most believe there were three crosses, and the paintings, and art works always depict three crosses. Cross is stauros which meant an upright pole or stake. Cross is from a Latin word which means a stake or pole! Only many years later did it come to mean a 'cross' as we know it.

Moses had fashioned a serpent on a pole and Jesus said it was a type of Himself dying for sin. John 3:14-15; See Numbers 21:8-9. "Pole" is a pole or stake. This "pole" was a type of the 'cross' Messiah was to be crucified on. The "serpent" on the pole was a type of Christ becoming sin for us. Just as the Jews then had to 'gaze on the serpent' to be healed or saved; we are healed from sin by looking at Christ on the cross.

 Now, let's see what the Greek Scriptures say:

 First the criminals that were crucified. There are two different Greek words used to describe these four felons. One word or lestes: means robber, pirate, brigand, thief or plunderer. Cf. Matthew 27:38 Mark 15:27.

Then, we have the Greek word kakoorgos; an evil one or revolutionary, rabble rouser, and seditionist- not a thief or robber; a different class of criminal. Cf. Luke 23:32

 So there were two robbers and two seditionists that were crucified that day or at that time. Others may have been crucified earlier in that same day as it was a regular occurrence then. In John's Account he only refers to these criminal as "others."

 part.l ...correct after 'Moses had A..' delete the a...

 John 19:18 says in Greek "...where [Golgotha or skull] they crucified Him [Jesus] two [duo we get dual or two from this word] on each side[of Jesus] ,moreover, Jesus in the  middle."

So we have "...where they crucified Him with others two on each side of Jesus Who was in the midst of them."

This means a total of five men were crucified. Five in the Bible means grace and surely grace or favor was being shown to the world by the death of Christ for the sins of mankind.

 Note chronology: Matthew says in 27:35 The soldiers crucified Him and 'divided His garments’. 'Then
'cast lots' or stones to see who would get Jesus' clothing. It says in other Accounts there were four soldiers as each was to get a portion of His garments. Each robber and revolutionary had a guard! Again, proof there were four with Christ. No guard for Jesus as Mark says they "led "[phero- to bear up] Jesus up to Golgotha. The beatings and lack of sleep, along with trauma, etc., caused Him to fall under the weight of the cross, and He Who healed others from a pallet of sickness telling to 'rise and walk 'had to be carried up that steep hill.

The Creation Of Women

In Moffat’s translation Genesis 1:27 reads, “So God formed man in his own likeness, in the likeness of God he formed him, male and female he formed both.”  The Hebrew word for “male” is zaw-kar, and to give the combined meanings of male and man (Ish) with tact the Davies-Mitchell Hebrew Lexicon shall be quoted “To pierce or penetrate; hence of impressing on the memory.” That is, the male is described biologically and socially i.e. remembered and notable as the head of a female, etc. of species, the “man”. The word “female” is naw-kab  which the Hebrew dictionary defines “to pierce…a female, so called from the form of the sexual structure, in the human species (Gen. 1:26-27)”. Also it means “weak” because of the fall as compared to the male. There are other meanings, but these will suffice. (Gen. 2:18).  Then the English version (1611) says, “And the Lord God said, It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. “ (Gen. 2:18). After the creation of the animals (v.19) “out of the ground” we read in verse 20 “…but for Adam there was not found a help meet for him. “


Dr. H. C Thiessen says, “As God has a social nature, so he has endowed man with a social nature. Consequently man seeks companionship. But God provided also human fellowship; He created the “woman”. The New Bible Commentary says also, “…the divine act in bringing these creatures (animals) so definitely before the mind of Adam was with the view to stirring within him the desire for human and personal companionship. In the words of v.20, “it seems to legitimate to see a hint of the discovery of Adam of this lack in his existence.” It still (after the Fall) isn’t good for man to be alone, but some can do without a husband or wife, Matt. 19:4-12; 1 Cor. 7:8 (“even as I” i.e. unmarried); read all of Chapter 7 for the positive and negative aspects of the marriage question.


The word “helpmeet” in Gen. 2:18 is aw-zar and means, “to surround i.e. protect or aid: --help succor”, says Dr. Strong in his Lexicon. Dr. Harkavy’s Hebrew dictionary states the word means “assistant”. Dr. Thomas says “a helper suited for him”, (Adam), or quite literally, “a helper as his counterpart, “(actually his complement).  That is, a companion like Adam. The son may be like the father but may not resemble him in some ways. His partner was to have marked feminine qualities and be physiologically different as the Hebrew phraseology suggests, but still be “like” the man. In verse 21 of the second Chapter of Genesis we read “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof.” The word “deep” is raw-dam , “to overwhelm, a trance, stun and to stupefy.” The Almighty was the first 'hypnotist!' “Took” is law-kah – “to seize with might; “God yanked the “one” from within him and of his side. The word one is ekh-awd and is feminine in gender- or feminine one.  The same word is used in (Gen. 44:28) “And the one (masc) went out from me”… It is used in many instances of people. The word rib is tsaw-lah and means “side” in this verse (from the top of man’s head, down to his feet- his side). Closed is saw-gar meaning “to shut up, seal, enclose”, and is related to a word meaning “to pour out.” The phrase “instead thereof” means literally “in her place.”  It has a further meaning, that of something being within something or underneath a surface; refers also to a stationed area. We will translate from the Hebrew “And Yahweh God caused an overwhelming trance to light upon Adam, and he slept: and he seized a feminine one from within his side and sealed up, (as to stop the flow of blood) the flesh in the place she was stationed. “ Gen. 2:21. God put Adam in a euphoric slumber and slit his side from head to toe, and reached inside his body and swiftly pulled the feminine one or woman out, and then he shut up the flesh to stop the flowing blood and to fill the vacancy left by her absence.  She had “a stationary place” within him; she was together and decided to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It was predicted "going back in the past" that man and his wife would take crafty counsel together to eat of the forbidden fruit and would not be ashamed of doing this. The Hebrew expanded translation Gen 2:25 'naked' means here 'lay bear' or to engage in a conspiracy i.e to seize the fruit that was forbidden.When they did this in a secondary manner their 'glow' vanished. Their tremendous body image began to diminish, hence, their 'light' covering next. After they took the first they 'knew' or realized the wrong they did.  If this is not the case then we are a contradiction, because they did become ashamed Gen. 3:7, 8, 10. This, v.25, is just another of the many predictive verses in Genesis. In all of this there is a future picture given, that of Christ and His church or assembly in the New Testament. They sewed fig leaves together "The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a fig tree. Jesus cursed a fig tree. Mark 11:13:14: 20-24.


As Dr. Scofield says, “Eve, type of the Church as Bride of Christ (John 3:28, 29; 2 Cor. 11:2; Eph. 5:25-32; Rev. 19:7, 8) First of all, Eve was to be a helpmeet or assistant to Adam. The Bible says the church works and assists Christ (second Adam); “For we are companion workers of God; you Christians are God’s field under cultivation, God’s dwelling place” (trans. GK. 1 Cor. 3:9). Next, God caused a deep trance or sleep to fall on Adam Gen. 2:21. Death is spoken in the Bible as “sleep”. Dan. 12:2; 1 Thess. 4:13, Lu. 8:52. The Second Adam (Rom. 5:14) “Slept” in death (John 19:30) after he was impaled on the stake. Adam slept so Eve could be brought out of him. The Christ died so his bride or the Church could exist in the world, so He gave himself for it (Eph. 5:25). Actually, the wordage should be: “men are always esteeming women…..” It is an everyday thing for men to love women, so it just as natural for Christ to love the Church. God “closed up the flesh instead thereof” of Adam. The phrase in Hebrew implies blood was coming out and this was done to stop it. Adam spilled his blood for Eve. Now read Acts 20:28 and you’ll find the Second Adam did the same for His Bride, the Church. It is also to be noted the side (Heb.) of Adam was opened and slit by Yahweh or God as was the side of Christ (John 19:34). Yahweh cleaned up Eve and made her ready to present to Adam. Christ and the Father through his Spirit is 'cleaning' His Church and will present it to the Second Adam (Eph. 5:26, 27). The word of God has cleansing power like water (Eph. 5:26, Titus 3:5). There was a river that left Eden and parted into four Rivers (Gen 2:10). Since the type fits so well, one could assume Eph. 5:26 (water for word) had part of its meaning here. This all fits Hebrew wordage perfectly. Then the account says Yahweh conducted her to Adam and a marriage took place. The Revelation tells us Christ will marry His Church (Rev. 19:7, 8) after it has been prepared (Judgment seat of Christ). I Cor 3:10-15


“Flesh of my flesh” says (Gen 2:23); “flesh” meaning “cheerful, happy and good news.” The Church (“Eve”) is to be joyful and happy and she spreads the gospel or “good news” as the word implies (Acts 5:41-42; Philip. 1:27; 3:1). Eve, as a picture of the forthcoming Church was a visible body. (Eph. 5:30; 1 Cor. 11:20; Rom 16:5). Adam became, because of sin the head over Eve. The Church’s head is Jesus Christ (Eph.  5:22-24). Eve sinned against Christ, but God accepted the fallen pair (Gen. 3:21). The Church is composed of sinners (from. 3:23), but God will clothe her in white robes (Rev. 19:7-9). Read all of Ephesians 4, and you will get a better picture of the Church, and how a home should be conducted. There are many other examples that could be cited, but it is not possible to bring them out here. The reader is asked to read the scripture references cited and carefully weigh them.