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Controlled Evolution

Clearing up the Controversy on Extraterrestrials 

Earth's Ancient Weather

Atheist group, angry mom go ballistic over prayer at pretend preschool commencement

Controlled Evolution

Doctor Howard found this interesting article he wanted to share with the church dealing with enzyme manipulation. Please take some time to read over the article and the note that Dr. Howard wrote regarding it, his comment really sheds light on the issue of "controlled evolution."




This article is easy to comment on! First, those scientists are using a brain-their brains- that was created by God as man is in the"... image and likeness of God." Genesis 1: 26; 7 ('mental- likeness' Hebrew).

They devise an enzyme which structure was originally created by God to show one of the ways evolution has operated in the past, etc. All they are doing proving that enzymes do have function and reason for being part of the creation-which creation came from the Mind of God. (Genesis 1:1)

So how did mindless evolution know how to create intricate enzymes (even in the human body-without them we would not exist) and know that they were an essential and necessary part of life?

The scientists simply take that which already is in existence copy it or some form of it and perform experiments which simply confirm God's Genius in the creation!

The NT speaks of " or knowledge falsify so called.'  Many of the facts of science are true and correct, as they are preexisting creation or life, but the premise or theory of evolution which they have to agree really came from the so called Big Bang Theory! 

How did such a so called 'orderly process' as is taught by our professors and scientists (I have taken all the college courses and know what they teach) or evolution with all of its innate or hundreds of millions creative highly complex processes come from the chaotic Big Bang Theory of creation? From chaos comes chaos!

Well did the inspired Apostle Paul- the top scholar of his day -describe these mighty towers of learning and knowledge, “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, not in the eyes of institutions and the general public or the world (but in many church institutions the Catholic church for example, allows, for the teaching of evolution!), but in the eyes of God and those who believe and know the truth of the real origin of the creation.

Clearing Up Controversy On Extraterrestrials

This is an incredible article about the Egyptian Pyramids. It clears up some of the controversy on extraterrestrial involvement. As we know, the Bible teaches that God only created life on Earth, yet there has been a lot of speculation by the World that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build their massive pyramids. The article explaining the science can be found here: or here:


This is what Dr. Howard had to comment:


After reading and seeing on TV that the Great pyramid of Giza and other such structures around the world were built by space aliens I had to comment.

The argument is how the ancients could build such grand edifices. How could they possess the intellect to do so unless they had some kind of "assistance." So the prevailing thought for some is space aliens built those structures!

First, the Bible teaches that earth's and its inhabitants is the only place where life originated. God did not create life elsewhere. Genesis 1:1; 26; 27. Paul under inspiration wrote that Adam was the first and only human being or creature in the entire universe. l Corinthians 15:45.There are no space aliens as God created life on this planet first. There are many scriptures that teach this.

Notice in Gen.1:1 it says God created the universe and within that universe this earth. Then in our proof text Genesis 1:26-27 it says man was created in the image and likeness of God, and placed here on this earth-nowhere else was life created or man that is. All of the planets were perfect Genesis 1:1 until their destruction by water in Genesis 1:2; cf.ll Peter 3:1-13 where it says the universe after it's creation which  was perfect: Genesis 1:1-2 fell into ruin by means of being "flooded with water" a great mass of water impossible for us to fully comprehend.

Genesis says man was in the image and likeness of God. One of these words expresses mental likeness of God.

So since the Egyptians descend from Adam as did other races it is no great thing that they retained that "mental likeness" of God and were able to devise ways and means of creating those massive edifices like the Great pyramid of Giza!

We can see since those producers of the documentaries that say space aliens built the pyramids are simply ignorant of the Scriptures that teach man does have the intellect to conceive and build grand structures, and has done so all over the world for thousands of years! This is witnessed even today and no space aliens are doing these great feats of design and construction!!!


Some scholars believe Isaiah the prophet mentions the Great pyramid in Isaiah 19:19-20. "Pillar"("alter “means just that here ) in Hebrew means a stone monument. Context decides what kind or type of "pillar" it is.

I am doing research on this controversial passage as to its full meaning.

Earth's Ancient Weather System

First, we have an article that provides more evidence to Earth's ancient weather system:


"At one time this whole planet had a perfect tropical environment, according to the Bible. These kinds of discoveries seem to prove this fact. We really don't know exact dates and scientists are always estimating with wide gaps of time. It was only after Noah's flood that the earth tilted about 14 degrees off its axis that we have varying climates along with turbulent storms, hurricanes, extreme hot and cold climates, etc. During the 1,000 years reign of Christ we will once again have a tropical climate that will be free of storms, severe hot and cold weather and the like." -Dr. Howard.


To continue on this topic we have an article that provides evidence that other planets aside from Earth might have been capable of supporting life before the first flood.:


"We know in Genesis 1:1 all of the planets as well as the earth were habitable. This article confirms the Biblical reference. Peter uses the Greek word cosmos to describe the universe before its fall due to an inundation of water as we have seen in past articles. Cosmos means well-ordered or beautiful in Greek. We get the word cosmetics from this word. This was the beautiful perfect or 'cosmos' universe in Gen.1:1" -

Dr. Howard Davis


Atheist group, angry mom go ballistic over prayer at pretend preschool commencement

Taking a step back from science, this next 2013 article hits a little closer to home by dealing with prayer in school. 


"This nation was found on God, the Bible, and prayer. Now we are told it violates the constitution, which is false. Read the history of the US and you can see our founders and leaders openly prayed in public. Their diaries are full of such themes. The constitution says congress shall not make a church a state institution, and there shall no laws be made that are against religion. We have freedom of speech and prayer is free speech!"

The link can be found here: