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  • The Church During Jesus's Personal Ministry
    The Church During Jesus's Personal Ministry
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The Church during Jesus's personal ministry
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Ancient Coins

As you know we are always interested in emerging evidence that supports the truth behind the word of God. Today's article examines ancient coins that provide evidence towards the Jewish Rebellion that Jesus predicted would take place after his death.

The following is an introduction from Dr. Howard:

Jesus around 40 years (the number of testing)before these rebellions against the Romans at Jerusalem starting in 68 AD predicted the fall of the temple and being surrounded by armies. See the dates of rebellion in article.

After being shown the temple and its remarkable stone work Jesus told the disciples; "Do you not see all these things? Truly, I say to you these [stones of the temple] shall not be left here one stone on a stone which shall not be thrown down."   (Greek)  Matthew 24:1-2 cf rest of chapter; Luke 21:5; see rest of chapter; cf Luke 19: 41-44 ; Matthew 23 :37-39. Their "house" was left to them "desolate" when the Romans destroyed it.

This happened when the Roman soldiers over a period of time dismantled the temple. You can still see large stones of the original temple during Jesus' day laying on the ground near the walls in Jerusalem just where they were "thrown down" as Jesus predicted!

Luke 21 was given as a 'near and far' prediction in that years later in the last days Jerusalem would once again be 'surrounded by armies' only by the world's armies and be attacked.  Zechariah 14:1-3

In Luke 21:20 Jesus says; "But when you see Jerusalem being encircled by armies [Roman armies], then know that its destruction has come near." This was a sign to those in the city and surrounding areas to" flee."
This prediction also came true in the 70's AD period when Roman armies "surrounded" the great city and invaded it taking over one million prisoners as slaves for Rome and killing thousands of its peoples and thus scattering survivors to various parts of the world as predicted by Jesus and the prophets in the OT.

On the way to His crucifixion Jesus said to those women who were weeping over His plight near Him on the road not to weep for Him but for themselves; "For if they do these things in the green [sappy] tree [Himself] what may take place in the dry [the Jews then]?"

Another words as an ancient expression then He was young (it predicted in the OT the Messiah would die with the' dew of youth on His brow') like a 'green tree' full of ripe sap (or in this case full of life of the Spirit) and the Romans were going to crucify Him- then what will they do to those Jews there as they were the 'dry tree' or bereft of the Spirit or spiritually 'dry.' The Romans destroyed the 'dry' ones as predicted by this saying.
Daniel had predicted the Romans would be "fierce."  Daniel chapters 3;7;8. Not named, but implied as per our church Sunday lessons in the book of Daniel.

Here is the link to the article: Rare Coins Bear Scars of Ancient Jewish Rebellion

Bible Confirmations

This article is quite interesting as scholars have been debating on this issue for quite some time. They have refused to believe that the cultures which God commanded to be destroyed were conducting child sacrifices.


Here is an introduction from Dr. Howard:


Here is another example of how scholars dispute the Bible, and in this case the Old Testament, which stated those that the Israelite's conquered and destroyed, therefore creating the Promised Land, as commanded by God, sacrificed their children to their gods which the Bible called a "horrible" practice.
Many scholars refuse to believe this fact, but more evidence is appearing, showing-and it takes time and money to excavate- that they did as the Bible stated: they were giving their children to 'pass through the fire' to appease their gods.
This was one reason God commanded them to be destroyed. They had been, and were, 'murdering' thousands of infants and young animals! We do know based on Jesus' teachings that young children ('for of such is the kingdom of heaven') go to heaven instantly at death. Read Matthew 19:13-14
Note Jesus says "of such" as this means they are in a state of innocence so if they die prematurely they are already of, or belong to, heaven' and go there. They are not saved as someone who knows right from wrong and have repented, but they are 'safe.'  
 Why? Read Deuteronomy 1:39.  Children have no real understanding or 'knowledge of good and evil.' God only holds those accountable who have a 'knowledge of good and evil' and only He knows when this manifests in a person. It can be at around 12 years old or older. We don't know, but God does.

Keep in mind this particular journal is liberal so be careful what you read here. Be discerning.



The article can found at this link: At Carthage, Child Sacrifice?

Biblical Discoveries

Here are some interesting photos and links found by Dr. Howard:


This is top 10 biblical archaeology: Top Ten Bible Discoveries

 Modern day photos of Jacob's well: This is an old photo of Jacob's well.

Read: John 4:1-43

Genesis 33:19; 48:22 ; Joshua 24:32

Cf.Genesis 49:22

This is a Wikipedia reference: Jacob's Well

The Church During Jesus's Personal Ministry

First these verses inform us that there was a church during the personal ministry of Jesus in spite of what theologians say.
It is present tense in Greek or "...tell it to the church " and "...hear the church “in Mathew 18:17. How can you "tell "something to an organization that does not exist?
They say the church was formed on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2- note: each of the 15 types of 'tongues' or dialects -or languages Greek- those Jews spoke was understood). See v.8 by those hearing Peter when he spoke in 'tongues' to them -it was not gibberish.

Some point to Matthew 16:18 as further proof the church was to be in the future: " And I also say to you that you are Peter [means a small movable stone- Greek] and on this Rock [a massive mountain of rock or Jesus who is here pointing to Himself] I will build My church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."
But, "will build "in Greek is not future tense, but means, ‘I am building up.' So Jesus really was saying that He was 'building up' his church then or during His personal ministry.

Finally, Paul wrote, 'He appointed these in the church first apostles..."  (Corinthians 12:28 a; see Mark 3:14).
When did Christ appoint the apostles? During His personal ministry!  So how can you 'appoint the apostles’ and place them in the church when there was no church?

Now we see how important the church was as to its design and origin in that it was created by Christ Himself.

Discoveries About The Rapture

Dr. Howard has prepared a short lesson about recent discoveries he made concerning the Rapture. This ties in to what we have discussed on Sundays. Please take a moment to review, preferably with a bible in hand.

In l Thessalonians 4:17 it says when Christ comes before the tribulation period that all living believers on earth will be" caught up" to meet the Lord. The Greek word translated 'caught up' is harpazo which means, 'to carry up and away with great power and force; to rescue from danger; to quickly snatch out or away; pluck or pull up. Raising a barrier; to avail and be satisfied. ‘This word comes from a Greek word which means to 'prefer to take to oneself;' to 'chose;' and it, in turn, comes from a word meaning to' lift up’, and to 'keep in suspense' or 'doubt' (my new discovery as it relates to the rapture). Another discovery I made was that tracing the word further it is related to a word having to do with 'division.'

So putting all of this together it speaks of the Rapture or 'taking up'  of the believers and causes a 'division'- some will stay on earth to face the Tribulation others will 'go up'-hence a division It has kept the believers in 'suspense' and even 'doubt' as to when  He will come.
A 'barrier' is involved as Christ will come down to the 'air'(Satan is called the 'prince and power of the air' Gk.) or the atmosphere (air Gk.) where Satan and his demons operate- to 'pluck' us up, and form a 'barrier' (or 'Job's hedge' or barrier as I call it) so we will not be hindered in the Rapture.  'Chose' is a part of the word as Jesus has 'chosen' us to 'go up' as we are His by virtue of our' 'choice' of Him as our Savior.

Now, as to the practical everyday use of the power of the word harpazo, and it's everyday use in our lives we should claim that if we do not like or accept a condition, circumstance or event or even an evil person or demonic forces, we can claim it is now "harpazo"or to be to 'taken up and away' from our person and life.