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Dr. Howard Davis

Mark of the antichrist is coming

The following two articles show evidence that the world is being prepared for the mark of the antichrist that has been predicted by the Bible. Please take a moment to read over these articles as well as Dr. Howard's explanation on how these things fit into our lessons and discussions.

Here are the articles:

"In our lectures we have mentioned that in the 'last days' there will be a one world government and a one world religion (Rev.13/17)
We have also bought out  that he Bible teaches there will be a seven year tribulation period.
As we see in the above articles that mark is coming and the world is getting prepared. when someone goes to Disneyland,for example they are stamped on their hand in case they wish to leave then come back into the various events, ,etc., do this and so people are getting used to the practice of being 'marked' on the hand for sure.
During the last 3.5 years this one word government under the direction of it's supreme Leader (called in the Bible the antichrist) for purposes of control and also due to food shortages, etc.,will initiate a universal mark. Some speculate it may hark back to Plato's Republic where the future world is divided into the intellectual class and all of the rest the workers. The mark will be in the right hand (the 'workers')or on the forehead(the' intellectual' class).

We know that even animals are being 'chipped' as they call it. Some are proposing that infants be chipped at birth so they can be ID'd as well as be connected to an electronic device to locate them as they grow up.

Here are scriptures mentioning this mark (charagma Gk.) which means ; an etching that pierces; a stamp; as a badge of servitude; an impress. Masters two thousand years ago branded or placed a mark on their slaves. Rev. 13:16-18 No one who refuses this mark will  be "able to buy or sell."

The mark is 666. This stands for a 'man's number or his name. ' His name will calculate to 666.  It shows antichrist is a mere man and not a god. Triple 6 is one short of 7 or perfection as man was created on the sixth day; and also harks to the  trinity, but a false one. The father is Satan, his son and the false prophet are in imitation of the Father,Son and Holy Spirit or 333. Satan said someday, "I will be like the Most High" "(or ones pl. or the trinity) Isaiah 14;14b  He fulfills his boast after thousands of years! and now controls the world. Revelation 13 16-18
Anyone who receives this mark will never be saved. Rev.14:9-11;15:2;16:2; 19:;20;1-6.

Note that during the tribulation God marks his servants on their forehead to protect them! All are equal to Him -no high or lower class. Rev.7:3;14:1;22:4

There is no' mark of the Beast' now, but all are preparatory for when during the tribulation all must make a decision for or against the real Christ. It's like Adam and Even choosing either the 'tree of life' ( pl lives-could sustain them in mind, body and spirit -it symbolized Christ the life giver) or the 'tree of knowledge of good and evil' They chose symbolically Satan (tree tree of knowledge of good and evil) and there has been some 6,000 years of disasters since that time including death on all people.  Even Catholic researchers are warning about the mark!!! Some of the things relative to theology, prophecies, etc., I do not concur with; but just the parts that deal with our subject as seen in the news. Read with care!

Christian inventors & scientists

We have a few very interesting articles for you today. As always, please take a moment to go over these in detail as they contain valuable information relevant to our Sunday discussions.

Introduction 1: Today you have to be 'politically correct',but we had fun with this.

Now I have always given credit to those of Armenian heritage for the good they have done. One example is Dr. Raymond Damadian, MD  who was a developer of what is known today as MRI. See article. When I was in association with a neurological institute in LA (I was scanned and tested they liked the 'crinkling' of my brain-said it was rare, but I didn't at all-no comments please !) I knew the President and learned a greal deal from him. He was a Christian. I learned  of the MRI through him before it was in the media.  Dr. Damadian became a born again Christian at one of  Dr. Billy Graham's Crusades in 1957, and the President of the institute knew Dr. Damadian; so I was getting bits of information on the MRI research whenever I could.  

God has had many great inventors and scientists, but the media ignores them or does not divulge their beliefs unless to ridicule them. The Wright Brothers who invented the first successful airplane in the world were Christian; but you read little about this. They had faith and prayed they could build a machine or plane that would fly.  Their faith as well as their tireless diligence was rewarded.  Edison said, 'Genius is 1% inspiration and the other 99% is perspiration !'

This overt liberal bias against Christianity, etc., was one of the reasons outspoken  anti-evolutionist  Dr.Damadian never got the Nobel prize! Paul does say, "Not many great ones are chosen."

Introduction 2: The police recreate Jesus's face using forensics.

Genesis in clay & Spirit of error

Article 1: Genesis in Clay

Introduction 1:


There were two floods that affected the earth. The one in Genesis 1:2 ("deep" tehome Heb.which means raging waters) and the one Noah and his family experienced. Genesis chapters -6-9
One post in this article at the bottom speaks of Peter and the flood he wrote about, indicating it was Noah's flood -it was not but that was the universal flood (cosmos Gk. or the created universe Gen.1:1 that was 'well ordered and arranged,' which included the earth in it's vast universal inundation.
Another poster who doesn't realize that the other poster misidentified the two floods  says that it has been estimated that the water that covered Mars would have been about 450 ft! She was really unknowingly referring to that first universal flood Peter wrote about as well as Moses in Gen.1:2. that engulfed all the planets including this earth as well as Mars

Link 1

Article 2:  Spirit of Error

Introduction 2:

The Apostle John said anyone who (like the so called "apostle" Hamon) adds or subtracts from the historical Word of the Bible- both Old and New Testaments- will have and experience the judgments that he mentions in Revelation 14:9-11; 20:11-15 ; 21:8:  22:15 ;18-19.
The Apostle Paul predicted these false Teachers and Apostles would come and millions of outwardly professing 'believers'  would follow their teachings.
ll Timothy 4: 1-5; ll Corinthians 11:13- 15.  Also read: ll Peter 2:1-22; Jude 3-20 ; I Timothy 4:1-6.  
This prophecy is NOW being fulfilled today in these fast growing (not in "sound doctrine" though!) charismatic churches! as well as the historic cults of Mormonism, Christian Science, etc.; and the monotheistic Islamic faith.

Please read the references

Link 2 :

Russia & Libya

Ethiopia: Russian Energy Companies Delegation Led by Foreign Minister

Russia and Iran Sign Military Cooperation Agreement

Daniel says as to anti-Christ in the last days during the Tribulation period that he (anti-christ) shall have power over the treasures of gold and silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt (their museums alone have many very valuable, precious things). Also, the Libyans shall follow at his heels (he conquers them).  Daniel 11:43

As Anti-Christ as a military leader comes into Palestine he conquers various areas and one of the countries is Libya. He no doubt needs their oil, some of the best graded in the world called "sweet oil" due to its relative purity. He will need oil for his war machine in the last 3.5 years of the tribulation period.

As to our article we see that Libya is befriending Russia. In Ezekiel 38:39 Russia (the land is called Magog-the leader is called Gog or the prince of Rosh) suddenly invades Israel in the 'latter times.' In Ezekiel 38:5 It says that some of the armies aligned with Russia are "...Persia (Iran-the leadership despises Israel), Ethiopia (a Muslim country anti semitic), and Libya are with them all of them with shield and helmet...

So, we see by the article and other media reports how correct by inspiration thousands of years ago that the prophet Ezekiel could predict that even Libya would be with Russia's armies in the last days to invade Israel.

It is also noted that Ethiopia is getting closer to Russia in our second link above. Other media reports echo the same thing as their relationship deepens.

Our third link shows us a military pact between Russia and Iran (called Persia in Ez.).

Peter was right when he wrote that "...for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit."   Moved in Greek means to be borne along or carried along in this case by the Holy Spirit or meaning they were inspired.

ll Peter 1:21

Dr. Howard Davis

Infant baptism

The following article continues our discussion on infant baptism. Today, many infants are baptized in order to be saved from their sins, a tradition which has no biblical validity. This article traces back the origins of this false teaching and gives us further information on the topic.

The article can be found at the following link:

Was Ramses II the Pharaoh of the Exodus

There has always been great discussion about the identity of the Pharaoh who was in charge during the time of Exodus. During our last church lesson, Dr. Howard brought out a few details but did not go too far in depth as he has composed a short lesson for us to individually go over. Please take some time to read over his introduction as well as the article that is attached.

The following is from Dr. Howard:

"There is a great deal of controversy as to who was Pharaoh when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. Read the article enclosed. You can read it in sections as there is a great deal of information much of it considered 'dry' reading by some! I concur with the conclusions in the article. Ramses ll as pictured in films was not the Pharaoh who Moses confronted.

Did Pharaoh die in the Sea of Reeds (Red Sea)? Many say even scholars he did not.

I say yes he did drown!


It says in Exodus 15:19 " For the horse of Pharaoh went in [the sea] with his chariots and with his horsemen in to the sea, and the Lord brought again the waters of the sea upon them[Pharaoh included] ; but the children of Israel went on dry land in the midst of the sea.

See Exodus chapters 14-15.    Cf Psalms 136 :15 "But the Lord overthrew (to shake off Heb.) Pharaoh and his armies in the red sea; for his mercy endures forever."


Two verses in Exodus 14:6 and 15:19 seem to contradict each other. It will be seen in the narrative that God caused the wheels to fall off the chariots of Pharaoh and his army of elite veterans Ex.14:23-25.

So both verses are correct! After the wheels fell of his chariot Pharaoh got out of the chariot and got on his horse to keep pursuing the Jews. This shows his strong will that we read in the battle of the plagues (each plague was attacking a god of Egyptians-they worshiped the Nile so it was turned to blood by God,etc!) as well as ignoring danger in his past battles riding First chariot;but now he was up against the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus before His incarnation and was overtaken or 'shook off' by Him!


Always personalize the bible narratives. The take home scroll! is this: No one no matter how astute or powerful or nothing can pursue and defeat us as long as we trust in the Lord. It's the outcome that counts. Our faith says John ' conquers the world system' or mass mind. All things that plague or pursue us will eventually be 'drowned' in the sea of the past as it were"


The article can be found at this link: