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Dr. Howard Davis

Gospel Of Barnabas?


First, see who had possession of this Bible. These men are Muslims with a very sordid criminal background to say the least! And it was found in a Muslim country. The Gospel of Barnabas in this Bible teaches Jesus is not the Son of God ; Jesus did not die ,but Judas died in His place; and that Jesus ascended into heaven having never died first on the cross!!!  It calls the Apostle Paul a false teacher!These are the exact teachings of Islam and Mohammad!


Next, here is the translation of the Epistle-not Gospel- of Barnabas written sometime between 70 AD and 132 AD due to internal textual historical information about the temple at Jerusalem. It quotes from the New Testament showing it existed by 132 AD which contradicts a legion of liberal scholars as to when the first portions of the NT were written. Though not 'inspired' it was referred to by some early church scholars like Origen (184/5-died 253/4 AD ).

One Christian scholar quoted from this book near the end of the second century. So the book or Epistle goes back to an early time in Christianity. There are many quotes from the Old Testament too. The earliest copy I could find in NT manuscripts was in the fourth century.


The Epistle  teaches Jesus was the Son of God; died on a cross ;and was resurrected from the dead; and ascended into heaven after having died  - unlike the fraudulent pro Muslim Gospel of Barnabas found with that old Bible!!! And unlike the Gospel of Barnabas it indicates Paul was a true Apostle.

The Mark Of The Beast

This innocent cosmetic procedure is getting people used to application of some sort of a chip.


We are all used to taking a stamp on our hand. Since Disneyland is universal people from all over the world are stamped on their hand. It is slow, but subtle that the world is getting accustomed to being 'marked' going to parks and events. If it is removed one can't come back in!



Now read:

Revelation 13: 16-18

The word mark is charagma: a stamp ;badge (of servitude);to sharpen to a point (interesting they use a needle like device to insert a chip into the skin);to inscribe. What will be inserted and inscribed into the right hand or forehead will be either the name of the Antichrist or his number which will be calculated out as 666.

C.f. Rev. 14:9-11 ; 20:4; 19:20



Many irregular and errant Charismatic/Pentecostal churches (not all of them) today are teaching and reviving an old doctrine that the very early church Fathers not only condemned, but openly spoke out against in print and in public debates. It has been called by several names like modalism, etc. Today this old heresy is called "Oneness."
It teaches that Jesus Christ and The Father are not different or separate Persons, but are the same God! Another words they falsely teach God presents Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit-not three Persons in the one God as Scripture teaches. As you read this article you will understand all of the ramifications.

When faced with a lengthy very important article like this one just take your time and take it section at a time.

Russia In Syria

In a surprise meeting Israel and Russia(the land of "magog") conjured up a "deal" to guard against any misunderstanding between Russia and Israel if Israel attacks supply ships bound to bring weapons to Hamas via Syria to be employed against Israel. The main reason for this meeting is because Russia in a surprise move to our intelligence community has moved weapons and personnel into Syria! If Israel fighters miss their targets and kill Russian personnel this could be a grave situation for both countries.

As we have had lessons in Ezekiel 38-39 on the coming attack that will be spearheaded by Russia against Israel and it's then allies some of whom are Libya; Iran, Ethiopia,  and other countries; this Russian situation in Syria could be one of the reasons for Russia to attack Israel.  For example,if Israeli fighters miscalculated and many Russians were killed in an attack this could be a pretext for an attack on Israel.
Of course, the invasion by land ( 38 :4;8;11;12;15) and air ("You [Russia/allied troops] will ascend ,coming like a storm ,covering the land like a cloud ..." 38: 9;16)  that Ezekiel 38: 4-8 says could be initiated by any number of reasons that could and will transpire in the future. We don't know what provokes the attack.

But the real reason based on 'reap and sow' in Russia  is their own desire to attack so God through the prophet says, "I will turn you [Russia/allied armies] around ,put hooks into your jaws, and lead you out with all your army...from the far the latter years..." The result is very devastating for these armies. Ez.38:19-22;39:1- 20

When this attack happens is conjecture. We do have a "great earthquake" in Ez.38:19 that affects the whole earth which seems like the one in Revelation 16:18; 20, 21. Compare them. Note: "hailstones" are  mentioned in Ez.38: 22 and they are mentioned in Rev.16:21. Also note 'every wall and building'  'falls down,' and 'mountains are moved' or "were not found "as we find in Rev.16:19, 20.  See Ez.39:17-20,and compare to Rev.19:17,18.  This is the last half of the seven year great Tribulation period.

New Horizons Space Probe Finds Brilliant Blue Skies, Water Ice on Pluto

This is further evidence that water was on Pluto in the ancient past ( Genesis 1:2 "deep" which means 'raging mass of turbulent murky water-' this refers to the earth being involved in this water inundation too) as our fisherman turned divinely selected Apostle writes! Imagine a former fisherman who never was instructed in a school of higher learning of that day writing about this galaxy that it was inundated with water thus affecting all of the planets, including the non planet the moon which shows water was on it at one time also.  Other moons like with Saturn show signs of frozen water too.

Peter writes "...all things continue as they were from the beginning [first start-not the time of the Flood of Noah Gen.7] of creation ...for this they are willingly forget: that there were heavens by the Word of God [ Gen.1:1- Jesus the Word!] in ancient times [Gen.1:1] and the earth was out of the water[raging water mass]and travelling through water, but was held firmly compacted together ['held compacted'-the earth was iced over which protected it -our "Ice Age"] by which the cosmos that the was [Gen.1:1] was overflowed with water and was destroyed."    

"...All things continue as they were from the very start  of the creation...because they willingly are ignorant and forget: that in ancient time the Word of God created the universe and the earth would go out of the water then through the water as it was held compacted together by which water the universe that then was being inundated with water was decimated."       Expanded Greek translation

ll Peter 3:4-6

Bible scholars miss this amazing confirmation of Peter's retro observation of the ruination of this galaxy by a water mass - which science and NASA has now confirmed- because they are following old tradition; the English Bible influence, and old Protestant tradition that there was just one flood in Noah's time; and that God took 7 days to create the earth and universe!
God through the Son spoke the Word and the entire universe was created  instantaneously just as He did in all of his miracles, and it was perfect. But, Peter and Moses say this universe or cosmos  was flooded with water and was ruined! NASA is viewing the left over on certain planets of the water mass  that later evaporated into outer space!!! Water vapor is everywhere in space. Those seven days of 24 hours each were to reconstruct the earth after that flood.

Even in English one can see God lifting the water on the earth from Peter's  account of the inundation into the heavens. See Gen.1:6-7; 9-10.

These scholars keep making the water of Peter refer to Noah's flood! Yet not one word hints at this as Noah is not even mentioned or the ark, etc.!

Dr. Howard Davis