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"Urim and Thummim" was the original name of our church. Our first pastor, whom is deceased believed we were a church of revealing mysteries of the bible.  The name of our private business account is Urim and Thummim but the  public name is "The Word of Christ Church" at this time.

Holy Oil

Only donations within the United States and twelve dollars or over will receive one bottle of our holy oil.
After you donate, you will receive your email receipt from PayPal:

  • You must email us and request your one bottle of holy oil.
  • Email  [email protected]
  • Locate your Transaction ID or Confirmation number on your receipt from PayPal. (They are the same numbers)
  • Type this number or ID with your request on the email.
  • Once we receive your email with all the information requested above, we will mail (no charge for shipping) your one bottle of holy oil.

Please read our Holy Oil article and our Testimonials.

Your TITHE is the key which opens the windows of Heaven
Your OFFERING determines the measure God uses to bless you