The Word of Christ Church

The Word Of Christ Church

Our Pastor Dr. Howard Davis after attending college attained  a Doctorate in Theology and Philosophy as well as a Doctorate in Naturopathy. He has taught for a number of years and has worked with Christian leaders in various projects. He has lectured on the Cults at various churches, and has written on this as well as many other subjects. He has appeared on TV and radio shows and has written a number of articles and papers on Biblical topics.

He along with  research associates authored the book, The Spalding Enigma, which historically shows the well known Book of Mormon to be a plagiarism.

Dr. Howard as he is called presently researches Hebrew and Greek manuscripts as well as other Semitic languages and is considered an authority on this and other related subjects. He is presently studying Akkadian an extinct language,but deemed important as it relates to the ancient Biblical text. Akkadian is a part of the greater Afro-Asiatic language family and was spoken in ancient Mesopotamia.

He lectures at The Word of Christ Church each Sunday morning on Biblical themes as well as heath and news events that pertain to the Bible. his lectures are  based on Hebrew and Greek in the Bible and relates the subject matter to one's life and the correct use of the mind. What you imagine you become; what you think you create; and what you feel you attract in the form of conditions, experiences, and events are the three great axioms of Scripture, and he bases his Biblical lectures on these great truths of life.

He is a member of : Board of Directors of the American Holistic Health Association; Chief archivist of the National Health Federation; Academy of Anti -Aging Medicine; American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists; Association of Official Analytical Chemists; American Chemical Society; and other societies and organizations.  He won the Japanese Award for creative products; but his main focus in life has been the Word of God and serving Him as well as helping others. I base my interest in health on the Apostle Johns' inspired words  from literal Greek; "Loved one, above all things I am praying you make your way well [prosper] and to be in good health just as your life [soul] is making it's way well [prospering] ." lll John 3:2
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